Annoying hover pop-ups

Can someone explain how to disable these pop-ups that obscure code and get in the way when I hover on things?

I can see how to disable (most of) them one at a time or by coding language, but that appears to also disable validation, which I want as it shows the colored lines on the right-side bar and I can see as warnings or errors in other places than pop-ups obscuring the code I'm trying to read.


Hi there,

I believe it's not currently possible. and linked tickets (ATM those are IDEA-55097 and IDEA-156484).


Not happy. These hover pop-ups obscure reading and clicking... very obnoxious. The bug ticket is apparently read-only now even though there's a new comment box.

I'm considering the ignorance of this issue and resistance to improvement of it by the developers for so long to be user-hostile.


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