Can I print() into a new window or popup?


Hello everyone.

I am new to pycharm, just installed and started running my codes.

I mostly use it for statistical programming.


I have been using Jupyter notebook, and the reason why I switched to pycharm is, because sometimes jupyter notebook lose connection to kernel on its own..... and imagine you run the code before you go to bed, and expect it to be finished by the morning, but all you see is an error message. I looked the message up and it seems like this is an unsolved issue.. Anyway.

I know I can use jupyter notebook implemented in Pycharm, but I am ok with just regular pycharm.


The only thing I want to know is, if I can print a certain(selective) outputs into a new window, or a new popup, or a separated tab.


I know I can export the output into a file and load it in another script. But I think it would be really nice if I can have popup windows that shows the results that I want to see. 


Is it possible in pycharm?

For example, if you use R or Stata, graphs are always generated in a popup. I wish to print results in those kind of popups..



My OS is windows, if that is relevant.. 

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Hi W. Woo! Unfortunately there's no such feature in PyCharm, we have plans to implement cell-like layout for editor to allow users to execute parts of file so maybe it'll cover your usecase, but it's not yet ready.

Meanwhile you can try to setup different file loggers with logging Python module and use logs tab in Run Configuration to view this different logs in realtime in different tabs, consider such basic example:


Hope it helps.


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