How to sign in to another account in the desktop WebStorm?

When I first downloaded WebStorm, there was a popup window asking for my account information. At that time I was using my work email as the account name. But now that I want to sign into my other account with my personal email, I cannot find a way to do it. I try to download WebStorm again but the popup window never seem to show up. 

Does anyone know how to switch account in the desktop WebStorm? Thanks a lot!


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Hi there,

What exactly you wish to use that for?

I think "Configure | Manage License" from Welcome screen (or "Help | Register" once project is loaded) is the main "account" feature.

This account may be different to what you may be using when reporting exception/errors to JetBrains using built-in functionality. AFAIK this one does not have an easy way of changing it (no GUI for that .. but can be done by editing config file)


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