File watcher sees no JavaScript files in scope

I have a file watcher which should run browserify for .js files in a given scope. The scope contains .js files, yet watcher claims it does not. So when I change these .js files, the watcher is not triggered.

Looking at the Scopes editor it would seem that in the scope I use there are only .ts files:

But the .js files are there:

This setup worked perfectly until I bought a new subscription and switched PHPStorm versions from 2016.3 to 2017.2.3.


These "invisible" files are the files that generated by Typescript compiler. They are recognized as JavaScript but somehow excluded from the project (notice a different icon). If I add a .js file manually it is recognized as a valid project file and "seen" by file watchers.


Ok. I was told somewhere else that this bug was meant to be a feature. The sooner it is corrected the better, as it greatly diminishes the power file watchers give to PhpStorm.


Sorry for not replying earlier.
This is filed as a usability issue here:
Please vote.


I'm using PHPStorm 2017.2.4 and am having this same problem with the "Edit Watcher" dialog saying "No such files in scope". I am not using Typescript and have set a scope to include a single Javascript file. Clicking OK on the dialog and editing the Javascript file does run the File Watcher correctly and the minified file is created, so it looks like this message is displaying when it shouldn't.


Please try to create a scope from scratch. Is this JS file generated or created manually?


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