Out of curiosity, can plugins be developed in the language the tool targets ?

eg., can a plugin be written in Python to be used in the PyCharm Pro I have licensed ? or must it be in Java ? How about wrappers in Java then run the main logic in the target language ? I have years of experience in many languages but know very little about Java and am frankly not looking forward to yet another language... Bleh ;)




PyCharm and other IntelliJ-based IDEs run under Java Virtual Machine, so you can write plugins in any language which may be compiled to JVM bytecode, i.e. not only in Java, but also Groovy, Scala, Kotlin. Maybe you can try using Jython for that.

It's possible to write some logic in any other language and write wrappers, but it would be inconvenient and inefficient for regular plugins, because plugins usually need to interact with IDEs API a lot.


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