Well... We definitely won't use icons from third-party editors in our IDEs. And, if icons (and the design in general)are concerned, 'modern' or 'good-looking' is nothing but a matter of preferences. Anyway, please feel free to file a feature request to youtrack, https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA, or comment on https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-162686


Thanks Elena!

Well... the file-icons project is just a suggestion, and packages like these are heavily inspired by each other and not an exclusive of any editor. VSCode and Sublime Text are other examples, and best practices tend to spread across communities rather quickly and for pretty obvious reasons.

For what you plan to use or not use, I think that's more of a preference than a general rule, and depends upon where you decide to draw the line, simple as that. According to your statement, this would apply to icons, which are a combination of shapes and colors. But what about the color schemes available then? Did you 'invent' Darcula and Monokai, and all others or do you borrow from somewhere?

I didn't mention 'good-looking', but modern. According to MW, the adjective denotes modern times: present-day, contemporary, present, etc... Considering all editors are converging to the same point at the time of writing, as I wrote in the first paragraph, that to me qualifies as modern.

All in all, I think the weakest point in your comment -which unfortunately is all that your comment is about- has to do with the "not-invented-here" syndrome.

You are right though when you talk about personal preference as it clearly is mine, but don't sweat it, I like WebStorm a lot already. As I said, just a quick win.

I'll follow your advice! Thanks for the links: I couldn't find that issue myself :)


Holy cow, I didn't think there was such a buzz around this issue... and many are pretty ferocious 😮

Well... I think I'm not "that" engaged, but whenever you like, I can argue a lot about the many ways in which those "third-party" icons are technically a lot more advanced than JB "first-party" ones. And I'm not making any reference to the cool factor here, I literally mean those icons intent is much more closely matched. Technically.


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