Is Spring preloader supported for Vagrant environments?

I’m trying to get RubyMine (2017.2.3) to use Spring for a remote Ruby interpreter (2.4.0) running in Vagrant (1.9.8) on a macOS host (10.12.6).

The first problem I ran into was that RubyMine sets the SPRING_TMP_PATH environment variable to a directory located in /private (SPRING_TMP_PATH=/private/var/folders/9n/29g5dhhn2px7y1kl5kn41cfc0000gp/T/RMSpring), which is not a path commonly found on a Linux system (I’m using an Ubuntu box in Vagrant). To work around this issue, I manually created /private in my Vagrant VM.

At this point, when I try to run any Ruby executable from RubyMine, it correctly spins up a Spring server, but that server only stays alive while the command is running and then gets shut down along with the SSH session. Has anyone managed to get Spring preloader working with RubyMine? Is it a supported feature?

So far, disabling Spring preloader in RubyMine seems like the best course of action for Vagrant environments, but I wonder if it’s some quirk of my setup.

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Hello Artem,

Sorry for the long delay! Unfortunately, this is a known issue, please vote for And now there is only one possible workaround to switch off Spring pre-loader. We will investigate how to fix it in the nearest release or bug-fix updates of RM-2017.3. deeply sorry for inconveniences.

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Thanks Anna! I voted for the linked issue. Hopefully it’ll get fixed someday :)


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