VueJS plugin does not prevent errors in html page

I have Intellij Ultimate 2017.2.3 and plugin Vue,js from JetBrains version 172.3968.20

In my index.html file, the attribute 'v-on' is not recognized:


A bit further in the same file, you can see that 

1) In some places the curly brackets are considered ok.

2) Other vue attributes like the v-if in this case is considered ok.

3) {{ mainPanel.error }} is considered an error

This is annoying because the editor gets slow to respond when the file has errors.

Searched the web and this forum for suggestions but didn't find any so far.  I would be happy with any pointer or suggestion.


With WebStorm 2017 3 EAP , the first problem remains:

while the second problem goes away:


Can't reproduce the first problem in 2017.3 EAP. Could you please provide a complete code sample?


Don't know if there is still work on this but I am having the exact same issue as @Tom Baeyens.


What WebStorm build do you use? Does the issue occur when working with .vue files, or other file types (.html, etc.)?


I am using Webstorm 2018.1 (WS-181.4203.535) and this issue (parsing attribute errors, handling Vue concepts, etc) still occurs for html files.


Does the issue occur when working with .vue files, or other file types (.html, etc.)?

Vue.js plugin only supports single-file components with a .vue extension ( Components in .html files are not supported, sorry... And it is unlikely that they will be supported in future


Gotcha, thanks for the quick response Elena.


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