Can I disable "code inspection" for test code

I like this feature, "performance code analysis" before committing into Git repository. Especially the type annotation check, those warnings let me think about if I should hide some val or method using private. But for scalatest code, I really don't want the code analysis to see those warnings, or add private to eliminate them. Of course, I can ignore them. However, when I see the results saying 8 warnings after clicking commit, I probably want to review them to make sure if they are from the test code. If IDEA does not run the check, the commit just goes through, and no warnings will distract me.

Can IDEA disable the code analysis for all files under "src/test"?

Can I add some comments or annotation to disable in a file?







Currently, IDEA doesn't provide this option. But it definitely makes sense. I've created feature request for the case: 


Big +1, and the link above is 404.


Ultra mega huge +50 +1...

I always pay attention to inspections as they do point out some things that get overlooked but, 
the rest of the team just ignore inspections altogether now its just white noise for them and I suspect its partially due to just being used to ignoring them all so much when building unit tests.


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