Highlighting in Code Style of "schmely" plugin dosen't work properly

I've successfully made the old plugin: schemely(https://github.com/cmf/schemely) to be built on IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition for now (https://github.com/Saigut/schemely/commits/develop).
The Highlighting of sample code in Setting->Editor->Code Style dosen't work properly, but in editor the Highlighting works fine.
Can you tell me how can I fix it? or tell me which place of code of this plugin should I to check?


It's hard to tell how to fix it without going deeper into plugin code but you definitely need to start with SchemeCodeStylPanel. 


Hi, I find the issue is that, in this plugin, the getTokenHighlights method of SchemeSyntaxHighlighter have Empty return value for Identifier type, and almost all text in the code is considered as Identifier, so they are white in Code Style page. Some word have color in editor, I guess that's because they are highlighted in an inappropriate way.


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