Code hints/auto complete for css grid, when?

When will phpstorm be getting code hints/auto completion for css grid?


Hummm, it can't be that difficult to give some kind of time frame as to when this can be expected. Advanced devleopers are already starting to experiment with grid. It would be desirable to have this included. If Sublime, Atom, VS Code and Brackets all have the option so should Php Storm by now, after all some of the ones mentioned are FREE.


Forum isn't a right place to demand/expect a quick reply, sorry.

As for original question: no ETA on this. Some of grid elements are supported since 2017.2 IDE version:

For the rest please vote/comment:



Humm only some, that doesn't sound great. Does that mean we can expect only some of the code hinting/completions will almost certainly be half complete when shipped?

Still getting grid_template_columns, grid-template-rows and grip-gap doesnt exist when I have the W3C Css validator switched on - so not sure wherephp storm is taking its values from because if you run the same file directly pased online Css validator, not a mumur, all is good.

Dont want to sound too negative but a product like php storm should, I think, be at least up their with the likes  of the programs mentioned otherwise if it gets left behind the likely hood is that developers will jump ship.

First time I feel a bit disappointed in the program really and will need to review the situation once my licence runs out, well see.

Thanks for your response.


@Martin hm, that's strange. I'm using 2017.2.4 and it looks perfect: 

Could you please check/attach the same screenshot?


I guess I need the .4 version - I'm currently only on 2017.2 - I'll update and see if that resolves the issue.


I can see this working even in 2017.1.4. 

Please check if you have grid completion in another/blank project.


Ok. It does work - I was thrown off the scent by display: grid; not working for code hint/auto-completion and probably didn't look at the hinting/auto complete when typying in  'grid-temp' thinking they were not available.

If I type displ  then grid is not a hint or auto complete option in the list, mind you nor is flex

If I type grid then all the options are available for grid.....weird why grid and flex are missing when typing display.

Anyway I can live with that as long as most are available and I don't particularly need the w3c validation on anyway.

Thank you for your help and pointing this out.





Actually flex hinting/auto-complete is there when typing display: fl so its slightly confusing when typing display: gr  and  expecting to see 'grid' as an option in the list but it isnt there.


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