Ellipsis (What behavior is the ellipsis suppose to have in the html editor?)

Why do I see  an ellipsis on line #2, instead of the style attribute value?

The disclosure triangle is open. So why isn't the ellipsis replaced with the style attribute's value?

When I hover over the ellipsis, I see the ellipsis' content: "text-align:center".

And when I don't hover, the ellipsis reappears.

However, if I click the ellipsis, the content appears.

But the style attribute's value always remains visible once the ellipsis is clicked. Clicking the disclosure to close the tag's content, makes the ellipsis reappear. But style attribute's attribute value remains visible. Why?

Here I have closed the disclosure triangle. The ellipsis reappears. But the tag's attribute content remains visible.

What is the purpose of the ellipsis? Is the sometimes-hiding and other-times-not behavior suppose to occur?







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Hi there,

Settings/Preferences | Editor | general | Code Folding --> HTML 'style' attribute

>What is the purpose of the ellipsis?

To hide possibly unneeded ATM content (e.g. useful when you need to focus on structure (HTML tags) rather than styling) which also makes more room for useful info to be displayed on the same area (e.g. more lines etc)


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