Auto generated typescript imports with "paths" in tsconfig


in my package, I have 

"dependencies": {




in my tsconfig, I have 







and in all my .ts files, I have many

import {A} from "@myNpmModule/core/A";

import {B} from "@myNpmModule/core/B";



But when I use the auto generated import, it only became

import {A} from "@myNpmModule-dev/bin/core/A";


Is there any solution to change the format of the auto generated import path to cope with the paths in tsconfig? Many many thanks!


The reason for this solutions is that I have different versions of @myNpmModule-dev, @myNpmModule-master, @myNpmModule-branch to choose from depends on different cases, and I don't want to have to change all the imports in the code when switching.




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Auto-import doesn't currently respect path mappings for node_modules; please follow for updates


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