How IntelliJ approaches Swing?


I want in my custom simple private IDE to take from IntelliJ how she approaches Swing. By that I mean the way IntelliJ implements visual behaviour of Tool Window concept. So, if I have no much time to digging this out from source code what is the simplest way to go? May be there is some library with tests on github that is modularized version of what IntelliJ has underhood? 

Short video on what I need from Swing

After research on this topic I figured out that there is several ready to go solutions that promiss me what I need. But after trying them I find out that IntelliJ is far beyond of how it works in those libraries.

 What I have tried: 

- DockingFrames

- lib by Christopher M Butler


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IntelliJ IDEA is using its own custom approach that is designed specifically for IntelliJ IDEA platform. I doubt that there is an easy way to extract this functionality and reuse it in your own application.

If you are looking for a framework with the specific features, the better place to ask this question would be


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