Cannot compile with Java 7 with EAP 2017.3


When I try to run anything in either of my two modules in my project that are built with Java 7, I get:

Error:java: Compilation failed: internal java compiler error


I don't know where to look to get more info on the error.  The idea.log contains no info on the problem.


If I switch to JDK 8, all is well.


Check build.log, enable debug info: Try reinstalling JDK.


Same issue here.

In my case I'm compiling with JDK 6. Switching to JDK 8 also seems to solve the problem.

Enabled the logs as per instructions but can't see much other than:

DEBUG - - java:ERROR:Compilation failed: internal java compiler error
DEBUG - - java:JPS_INFO:Errors occurred while compiling module 'web'

The messages build contains:

Information:3/10/17 3:13 PM - Compilation completed with 1 error and 5 warnings in 3s 601ms


Tried recreating the JDK 6 inside IntelliJ inside SDKs and still  the same problem.


Looks like a bug and that it is (Hopefully) fixed in the EAP available now.


Thanks Adam - I can confirm that it is working for me on the latest EAP.


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