Cannot find profiler options



I am using pycharm professional 2017.2.3 on my Mac.

I have been searching for half an hour but I cannot find the profiler options. I need to enable line-by-line profiling, and apparently there is a profiler options page where I can choose this setting ( but I have no clue how to access it.


Any help?


That's the help page for our dotTrace product. If you're trying to profile Python code, here is the help page.




thank your for your answer. I have seen the page you linked. I can start the profile session, the problem is that I can't find any options for the profiler. I want to profile line-by-line (as opposed of profiling only entire functions). The page I linked in my questions shows that I can change the setting in the profiler options, but I have no clue how to access these options. 


Hi Apolino, this page is for another JetBrains product, there're no such settings in PyCharm. Meanwhile line profiling in PyCharm is possible with vmprof profiler (one have to install vmprof with pip and run profiler as usual). Unfortunately current vmprof support is not stable enough, e.g. it doesn't work on macOS:


It seems that vmprof it's not working on Windows ether. Or at least partially. It takes about 2 minutes _after_ finishing the code to end the profiler and show the ".prof" file. Also, the Statistics and Call Graph pages are empty.

Curiously, running CProfiler with a profile file (not using PyCharm integration) displays line statistics. Isn't it just a matter of integration between CProfiler's results and PyCharm? Missing line statistics while profiling is problematic.


Marcos's observations still apply to PyCharm 2019.3 - delay after finishing, and no display of Statistics and Call Graph.


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