Python support for webstorm

I can't find any python support for WebStorm and Python plugin also isn't available. WebStorm doesn't have even code highlighting for that language. I think that it should be solved.


There are no Python plugins compatible with WebStorm, and we don't plan to provide any support for Python in this IDE. I'd suggest trying PyCharm - it provides advanced support for Python plus includes all WebStorm stuff for javascript, CSS, HTML (I'd say that WebStorm is a subset of PyCharm).

If you don't want to try PyCharm and only need a basic syntax highlighting for Python files in WebStorm, you can either create a new file type in Settings | Editor | File Types, add .py as registered pattern there, and define your own syntax highlighting rules, or search for existing textmate bundles for Python files in the web, import them and use for the .py syntax highlighting - see and for more info


That is really ghetto, makes me question if I will keep using this product in the future.


I agree with Tim. With a huge asshole response to a potential customer that is a really shitty way to do business. They just kissed $649 away and I don't think I'll need to come back.


I find it pretty shocking that I can't trivially add Python syntax highlighting. Almost every basic text editor available today supports this out-of-the-box. Most PHP projects will contain a few files in other languages and python is one of the most common languages. We're spending a fortune on JetBrains subscriptions here, we will defintely be re-evaluation our options.


I guess adding full python support will be overkill and will have some performance issues. But at least syntax highlight would be great.


You can add syntax highlighting via textmate bundles (see my comment above) - try, for example.

For full Python support, please try PyCharm - it includes all WebStorm fearures, so you won't lose any functionality


 @Elena: I bought the Webstorm lisence yesterday and think that it will support python but it's doesn't. How can I upgrade from webstorm to pycharm with adding cost to use a full support?


@Votruongvu Hcm  There is no way to convert the license AFAIK; canceling and refunding the whole purchase and repurchasing a correct license seems to be a right way to go. Please contect sales on this


Thanks for your quick reply. I have contacted with sale and he supports me quickly. 


I understand why you do not want to support python in Webstorm, but consider this use case:

I'm working on a macintosh and appreciate Webstorm's mac-friendly interface where it uses "command-C" and other standard mac key shortcuts for editing. Our back-end is in python so I attempted to use Pycharm, however with its unix-centric key shortcuts it unusable for me. Muscle memory is tough to get around. So I'm back to using Webstorm for python edits, but very much miss auto-completion and the other great features of Pycharm.

One solution would be to make Pycharm mac-friendly, another would be to incorporate python into Webstorm.


>Our back-end is in python so I attempted to use Pycharm, however with its unix-centric key shortcuts it unusable for me

Shortcuts for common actions are the same in all IDEA-based IDES. Please make sure that keymaps chosen in Preferences | Keymap are the same in both IDEs. Default keymap for Mac is Mac OSX 10.5+

>another would be to incorporate python into Webstorm.

PyCharm incorporates JavaScript support, so you can just use PyCharm for both front end and back end


Something is funky because the preferences for pycharm say keymap of Mac OSX 10.5+, but I remember now that the edit shortcuts sometimes work with control and sometimes work with command, while the edit menu shows the command key shortcut

The key shortcuts are *not* the same between webstorm and pycharm for some common functions, i.e., webstorm find in path: control-shift-F, pycharm: command-shift-F.

Another inconvenient problem is every time I open pycharm, it says '“PyCharm” is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?' When I go into the system preferences, the usual one-time check-box to allow an app to open is not there as it is for every other app not downloaded via the apple app store.

Anyway the inconsistencies of pycharm make it unusable for me and I imagine for other mac users.


In addition, your issue reporting system seems to have an issue with quotes by turning text to italics when they are used sometimes.


>The key shortcuts are *not* the same between webstorm and pycharm for some common functions, i.e., webstorm find in path: control-shift-F, pycharm: command-shift-F.

Nothing of the kind; in Mac OSX 10.5+ keymap, shortcut for Find in Path is Cmd+Shift+F in both IDEs:


You must have changed the predefined keymaps somehow


I don't remember changing any key mappings. My copy of pycharm does not seem to have the find options available under "Find "Editor actions':



I found the 'find' options under 'main menu: edit: find' when entering 'find' in the search box. Why is it not under 'editor'? I know I did not change this because it is way to much work and I like to use defaults to prevent difficult-to-diagnose issue. It did indeed take my edit of the shortcut. Pycharm is way flakey.


I wish I knew this problem before convincing my company to buy this product. It is a show stopper for me.


You intentionally neglect python support and suggest workarounds that are basic text editor functionality, just to drive users to another product. So if I want any reasonable python support I need to run two full IDE's, however IntelliJ products share the same .idea config per project and took no consideration of running more than one IDE at a time.

Suggest another inconvenient workaround of manually configuring each project's IDE settings. 


Why would I want to do this? For now I run Webstorm and leave VSCode for any backend or styling, it's disappointing because I wanted to move completely off VSCode for and IDE. 


>So if I want any reasonable python support I need to run two full IDE's


You don't need 2 full IDEs - as I wrote in above, PyCharm includes all WebStorm functionality, so, if you are using both Python and JavaScript, just use PyCharm


In 2019.2, WebStorm will provide Python syntax highlighting via textmate bundles. See, Syntax highlighting for over 20 different languages section


Thank you for clarifying, I did understand syntax highlighting is available when I mentioned "workarounds that are basic text editor functionality". After some research, it seems as of 2019 PyCharm has enough plugin support to handle most of frontend development I will be doing, effectively making Webstorm obsolete for anything other than strictly javascript development. 


I will cancel my subscription of Webstorm and continue using PyCharm as I evaluate the pro features. 


Why don't you just provide TextMate syntax highlighting as standard plugins?

I have to:

1) find this topic

2) find your answer 

3) follow some links and particularly

4) clone repository somewhere locally

5) Find TextMate configuration in PHPStorm

6) Add locally cloned repository to the list

How it should actually work:

1) Go to Plugins and search for "python" and select the topmost match like:
  - "Python syntax for PHPStorm by Jetbrains" and it's DONE.



Hi, we are here in 2021, and there is still no syntax highlight for Python in WebStorm.


Basic syntax highlighting is provided via textmate bundles

Adding advanced support for Python to WebStorm is not in our plans, please see above


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