How To Turn Increase Ecommerce Sale Revenue Into Success

Hello Guys. I have a situation. I belong to the ecommerce industry, and we have been in this industry for years. We have a website for this purpose, but since the world is going smart, we have observed a drop in our sales revenue because we do not have an app to support our business. We were reluctant to have an app in the beginning because we thought that it would be a waste of money (so naïve of us), but we have decided to get an app developed. Now the problem is that even though we have tons of experience in web making, we have zero experience in building apps. We did our research, and we have even finalized an android app development company London, but the problem is we do not know what we should look for.

We are clear, as to what we want. We want profits and conversions. However, we are still not sure how an app would help us achieve that. So the question is, what should we look for when building up an ecommerce app? The design, the UI, the menus, etc. and I would appreciate if you would rate them, depending on their importance, so that I know what are we looking for, while evaluating our app agency.


Hi JacqlineAlbert, 

I Understand what is your problem. Nowadays mobile apps are playing a major role in any business industries. Especially the eCommerce must should need an eCommerce app. The reason is everyone comfortable with mobiles comparing with laptops, tabs. Now mobiles are getting almost all of the features to fulfill the needs of customers. I saw some of the companies which developing and give maintenance up to some extent of mobile shopping cart apps for your ecommerce business. I have personal experience with develop mobile app on demand of customer need and suggestions too. If you have time let go through it once.

I hope it will help to solve your problem.


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