How to load all my columns as TEXT and How to load multiple files at the same time?

I've recently started using DataGrip since my DBs are in different management systems -- makes it easy to have them one platform. However, I've ran into several issues/challenges I just cannot find answers for. Would anyone happen to know how:

  • Change the settings such as, when loading data, every column is being imported as TEXT by default (don't want to change INT to TEXT and NUMERIC to TEXT most of the time)
  • Import multiple CSVs at the same time: for e.g. import 'n' CSV files with the same settings vs import individually the CSV files one-by-one (which takes significantly more time).

Thanks for your help,

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To your first point: my experience has been this--upon opening a .txt file internally formatted as CSV containing fields with text, integers, phone numbers, years, and dates: when the structure was examined in DataGrip, every single field was TEXT. So perhaps if you tried renaming your file from .csv (or .tsv) to .txt, you may end up with what you want.


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