PyCharm: This interpreter type does not support remote project creation


I'm running docker on mac and bought PyCharm Professional Edition only because of the docker feature. 

Now, after setup/configure docker in PyCharm, when I try to create a project I get the message:

"This interpreter type does not support remote project creation."

How can I fix that?


Hi Rodrigo! I am sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately it's a current limitation in PyCharm - one can't create new project with Docker Interpreter (PY-24427). Please use system Python to create the project and then add docker-based interpreter in Settings | Project | Project Interpreter.


Thanks, Pavel.


I'm trying to change the project interpreter as you said, but when I do so, pycharm says it needs to install python packing tools and throws an error:

python: can't open file '/tmp/tmpFrcVe1pycharm-management/setuptools-28.8.0/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory


What should I do?

-- Rodrigo


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