Errors and warnings on a simple Vue.js powered page


I just started a course on Udemy about Vue.js, that is new to me: just from the start, in a simple page like the following, I get lot of errors and warnings (of course I installed and activated the official Vue plugin):

<div id="app">
<input type="text" v-on:input="changeTitle">
<p>{{ title }}</p>

new Vue({
el: '#app',
data: {
title: 'Hello world!'
methods: {
changeTitle: function(event){
this.title =;
  1. on v-on: "Namespace 'v-on' is not bound"
  2. on changeTitle into methods: "Unused property changeTitle"

What's wrong with this simple snippet? If warning and errors come on this very simple snippet, I don't wanaìna think what will happen in most complex scripts...

Please any help?

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What is your IDE version?

I can't reproduce it in the last versions.

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Vue.js plugin only supports single-file components with a .vue extension ( Components in .html files are not supported, sorry... And it is unlikely that they will be supported in future


v-on issue is tracked as


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