Feature Request - SQL bulk insert export


We've run several queries which generate thousands of rows. I love that I can export a result set to an SQL insert file, but when you have hundreds of thousands of rows, it takes a long time to import that. I would love to see an option to do a bulk insert statement so inserting large result sets won't take as long. Or maybe I'm missing the option somewhere... Thanks!

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If I got you right, you can just export a result-set to a table: press Export to database button to the right of Extractors drop-down.

By the way, the better way to file a feature request is our tracker :) youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/DBE

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For others googling around to find a solution to this problem, this may be what you're looking for: https://gist.github.com/ProjectCleverWeb/d2362b082af1d7054ebfd464f202ec1b


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