UML Diagrams in CLion


I want to create UML Diagrams from existing classes in C++ using CLion. Simple UML is not available for CLion. What alternatives are people using?


We have a feature request about UML support in our tracker: Please feel free to upvote. Meanwhile you can take a look at this plugin. Or you can create a plugin on your own. As all other JetBrains IntelliJ-Platform-based products, CLion is open to plugin development. Find useful information here.


Note the PlantUML plugin you suggested above allows creating UML diagrams from scratch, it does not support creating them from C++ unfortunately.


Any news for that feature? Any inheritance diagram would work as far as I am concerned.



No specific plans on this for now. Sorry for that. But there are lots of other things with higher priority and limited resources on our team here.
However, we still might consider it in the future. Or you might want to try a 3rd party plugin mentioned above.


Anastasia Kazakova and as mentioned above it's not capable of creating diagrams from c++ source code. JB already has a tool called "Diagrams" the job is just to write an adapter class and implement at least the most basic functionality of the UML graph


Anastasia Kazakova

Guys, if you are so limited with your resources, you can always ask for community support. Ie Telegram does that in a form of the contests. We will be better of, you will be better of if doing so, 'cause otherwise all of us continue having the issue opened 10 (TEN!!!) years ago - see .

What's wrong with your management?


Some time ago there was a step towards this, as we implemented UML class diagrams for Swift and Objective-C. C++ is not yet there ( but now it's closer. We'll see when we can fit it into the roadmap.


Anastasia Kazakova, Anastasia, it doesn't solve the problem that JB team works super slow. I can easily find tons of 10-15 years old issues that will probably not be solved in this century. Andrey provided you a solution that could potentially solve most of such stalled issues that community wants to have already. For instance, Microsoft heads towards the open source. JB head has to consider this direction or other directions because it's a systematic management problem and users don't want to push you all the time on thas forum


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