Running codeCeption test runner causes excpetion


When I try to run codeception tests in PHPstorm, I get following exception:


Codeception PHP Testing Framework v2.3.5

Powered by PHPUnit 5.7.22 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

In Runner.php line 174:

Class PhpStorm_Codeception_ReportPrinter does not exist


Any clue why this might be happening?



Are you running the tests locally?

What PHP interpreter is set for project?

Is Codeception version detected correctly in File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | PHP | Test Frameworks?


I am experiencing this issue as well. The version of codeception is detected appropriately. I am on 2.4.1 running with PHP 7.1


@Vladimir Luchansky it is similar only I have never had it work. I have searched for the PhpStorm_Codeception_ReportPrinter class or how to get it on the include path to no avail. 


This file is a helper file we use to run Codeception.
When using a local interpreter, it's being uploaded into the temp directory, and with a remote one, into ~/.phpstorm_helpers.
What remote interpreter do you use, local or remote?
Sometimes it helps to delete the interpreter, add it back anew and then configure Codeception configuration for this newly added interpreter.
Please try that. If it doesn't help as well, we'll need to take a look at the logs. Please submit a support ticket:


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