Breakpoint still stopping after being deleted

Started having this problem since last updated, Webstorm 2017.2.4

Debug a NodeJS project (Node 0.10.48), where I place a break point before starting. Breakpoint is hit and all is fine. However, if I delete the breakpoint within the debug session, it keeps stopping at that point. I've opened the breakpoint window and force deleted everything. Still stops at my old line.

When I stop and restart the debug session, everything is fine.


Can't recreate - breakpoint is cleared to me (tried with Node.js 6.10 and 8.5).

Can you check if upgrading Node.js version helps? 0.10 is no longer supported - see


I've been dealing with this problem for years, across IntelliJ and Webstorm, and many computers.

I'm not sure why you can't reproduce it.

Unlike OP, this persists across multiple debug sessions (and I believe across Webstorm restarts)


>this persists across multiple debug sessions (and I believe across Webstorm restarts)


Removed breakpoints are hit after debug session/IDE restart? It's not about breakpoints clearing then. I can be a problem with sourcemaps, V8 engine limitation or a bug in IDE. In any case, a sample project + steps to repeat are required to track down the issue


I use PyCharm and I just had the same problem and figured out this:

The problem is not, that the debugger still stops, when Breakpoints are deleted.

The Problem is: Breakponts are not removed when you "click on the left border" (next to the row number). Although "the red spot" disappears, they are still in the list of "Python Line Breakpoints" and active, which is very confusing.

Hope you can reproduce and correct this behaviour ....



Good day,

I have the same issue. Worst, if I try to disable all break, running page fail in the browser and I need to stop and restart debugging session. Removing break points only hide the red dot. The break point is still happening.

I'm using PHPStorm 2020.3.2 with Docker 3.1.0 on macOS V10.14.6 with Safari 14.0.2

My PHP teacher had the same issue with the same environment.

Thank you.


Same issue here. PyCharm stops at removed breakpoints.


I've also been struggling with this for a while. Using Typescript, breakpoints often persist even after disabling them & restarting, it's making debugging my own app challenging to say the least.

When I set a breakpoint and tick "Disable until hitting the following breakpoint" option, the breakpoint works correctly the first time (only being triggered after the initial breakpoint is hit), however on subsequent runs, the breakpoint gets hit regardless of whether the initial breakpoint was hit, as though it's remembering it was hit during the previous debug session.

I'm using latest version of Webstorm, node v14.15.4. I will attempt to reproduce the problem in a sample project.


For me, the problem disappears after one of the updates of PHPStrom.

Now everything is fine.


This is still a problem for me with Ultimate 2022.1 and Typescript. Breakpoints are being hit - even though they were removed.


can be related to; please share a screen recording of your steps


I have this problem too and found a workaround: In the debug toolbar there is a button 'View breakpoints...'  which opens a popup with all breakpoints, even the ones that are not visible anymore in the files themselves. Here you can delete them by pressing the Delete button your keyboard.


Bug is: the red circle at gutter does not work when debugger session in progress.

Please fix this. it is a known issue and reported many times.

How to produce:

put a breakpoint then disable/remove it by click on that red circle at that line. it will still stop at that line. 

nothing fix it. reboot computer/webserver, close PHPStorm, … nothing

in screenshot you see debugger stopped at line 1040 but no red circle at that line but it is still listed in Breakpoints window. 


only work around is go to Breakpoints and remove it. but please fix.



The mentioned issues are specific to JavaScript debugger, whereas you are debugging PHP.Please file a new ticket to on this


Same issue here. Intellij stops at removed breakpoints.


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