Order results in find window

First of all, the find preview popup has a different order than the find window, that's very annoying.

The find window has a few options, at least 1 for sorting, but every order is strange. Is there a way to get 'normal' search results? Not grouped by folder, file, module, whatever? Just all occurences. Not ordered by filename, which makes absolutely no sense:

JS, tests, controllers and templates all mixed up. How could that possibly be a useful order?

Both the preview popup and the results window are unnatural. Is there a way to get results in the order the sidebar project is in? Full paths abc-sorted case insensitive. That makes it easy to skip parts, and know where you are. A module's results are together, all templates are together, you can skip tests, etc.


Did you try to use various grouping options on a left? E.g. this one allows grouping by path:


Yes, I've tried them all, and all combinations. I don't want folder grouping and file grouping. The Group by directory order is the right order, but I don't like all the grouping. It's pretty close, but it doesn't read very easily.

Any chance of a new order/display method?: full file paths, no grouping, context lines around matches, ordered like Group by directory.

Vladimir Luchansky

Please submit the feature request to our tracking system here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA#newissue=yes.


This seems to be an old post but I wanted to do the same as this post.I don't want to have to expand every single file in order to see the match.


Click on "Expand All" button there:


All the consequent searches would get opened expanded afterward.


I seriously cannot believe that it is still not possible to simply SORT Find results!

Hell, even my Commodore 64 could do that, and that was 40 YEARS AGO. 😑


Sergio Vazquez II

Please describe how exactly you want results to be sorted & why current options don't work for you.

If you disable all grouping options, find results are sorted alphabetically:



I want to sort the results by last modified date of the files ? Is this possible I guess not.


Thanks, that's a good point. Unfortunately it's not possible yet but we have corresponding feature requests on our tracker:

https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-225430 & https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-171402. To everyone interested in addressing this problem: it would help if you vote or comment for those issue reports.


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