AppCode showing invalid errors/warnings that Xcode does not


I'm using AppCode 2017.3 EAP (Oct 17) and Xcode 9.0.1.

I'm not sure if it's when we switched to using an xcworkspace instead of an xcodeproj, or if it's when I upgraded to Xcode 9, but for the past several weeks AppCode is showing several errors/warnings in every file and Xcode is showing none of these.

(AppCode does compile/run w/o any issues.)

A lot of the errors are like this:

"Can't resolve variable title"

NSString* title = nil;


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Please try File | Invalidate Caches and Restart and let us know if it helps.

that didn't help, unfortunately...

another issue I see a lot of is NSAsserts...
"Error after macro substitution: Can't resolve variable '__assert_file__'"

I believe those are the only 2 types of errors that I'm seeing (hundreds of times throughout the project, so I can't be sure if there aren't other types).

I do see warnings (only in AppCode, not in Xcode) for some imports like "Cannot find protocol 'MyProtocol', conformed by protocol 'MyOtherProtocol'".



Would you be able to submit a sample project with examples of those issues to our support email (


Also it might be worth to check which Xcode version is selected in Preferences | Tools | Xcode (I presume, that should be 9.0.1),  which target the problematic files belong to (i.e. iOS/macOS/etc), what target is selected in Run Configuration dropdown and which resolve context is used ("Context: ..." in bottom right). Logs from Help | Show Log in Finder would be also useful, if you can send them over to support email.


sample project will take time, unfortunately...and yes, the correct Xcode is selected in prefs>tools...thx


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