AppCode gives warnings and errors about nearly everything


Yesterday it was working fine but today it is giving warnings and errors for almost everything in editor. But the code compiles without error. I have tried to incalidate cashes and delete all AppCode related cashes from library and developer folders. Nothing works.

Official comment

What AppCode version is that with and which Xcode is selected in Preferences | Tools | Xcode? Do you happen to remember what last actions you've done before it stopped working? Have you switched branches? Have you installed something new (updated Xcode, any new plugins, etc)?

I have found the problem. If I set mac os x user interface language to Turkish, both Android Studio and AppCode starting to give warnings or errors in editor or while compiling code due to incorrect conversion of litle "i" to Turkish big "İ". I have set my language to English back and problem solved. Please fix this!


Please file an issue in our IntelliJ IDEA tracker, providing all details (including AppCode and Android Studio version you're using).


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