IDE error occured


hi dear,

please help me, i spend 2 days trying to solve a problem that appear when i lance an application android on android sturdio, the message error is : IDE ERROR OCCURED, and when i entr to the comment i find this : Entry fileTemplates//code/Google Test Fixture SetUp not found in C:/Program Files/Android/Android Studio/lib/idea.jar

plz can any one help me


Try reinstalling Android Studio and resetting the File Templates to the defaults:

See if removing IDE folders helps (

In case the issue persists, please report per


thank you very much


I am running Android Studio 1.5, the above error started to happen.

I tried to fix the problem by removing these directories:  ( actually I renamed them to original_name_hidden )

    removing IDE folders helps (

This didn't work, same error came back, so I upgraded to the recent version.


Thank you for the question, and answer!



Hey, I'm trying to open pycharm but it would close as soon as it opens and there'd be this little window on the right bottom with "IDE error" on it. I know very little about all of this because I'm new. I appreciate your help.


I fixed the problem just> go to File and check repair IDE... now everything works.


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