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Hi everyone, sorry for asking such a silly question here. I have been using the IDEs from Jetbrains for awhile now, but recently, I can't remember what I pressed or did, but the main menu seems to have disappeared. How do I make the menu reappear again? It's also happening to my other Jetbrains IDEs


I have exactly the same issue with appcode!


Also the same problem. 


Looks like we already have this issue in our tracker - Please update the OS to macOS 10.13.2 beta, it should solve the issue. Or you can try the workaround suggested in the mentioned YouTrack ticket.


I had the same issue with intelliJ 2019.2 in windows 10 and to fiw this I had to open the file "c:\Users\[theUser]\.IntelliJIdea2019.2\config\options\ui.lnf.xml" and set the option entry SHOW_MAIN_MENU to true and it fixed my problem!


I had a similar problem, I hid the main menu from "View > Appearance > Main Menu" and couldn't restore it. I managed to restore it by following these steps:

  • Open settings with Ctrl + Alt + S
  • In Keymap, select "Main Menu > View > Appearance > Main Menu"
  • Right click > Assign a shortcut. Entered the shortcut, then OK

Typing the keyboard shortcut now restored the main menu.


This is actually super simple! Click on the search icon (magnifying glass) in the top righthand corner under the X icon. In the search bar, type the word "menu" (no quotes when actually typing it). You should see this result come up:
View | Appearance: Main Menu

And then just click the toggle to change it from "Off" to "On"

That should do the trick!


same problem on ubuntu, double Shift or Ctrl + Shift + A didn't work for me. Trick with "menu" in search didn't work too.

But ctrl + alt + S is open settings and you can create what you need in keymap


Alex, You are genius!!!


On Ubuntu, any proposed solution here doesn't work for me:

  • No shortcuts solution works.
  • No search view on/off works (I have enabled it and I can't switch it to off. Something is wrong).

This problem affects to any installed ide: phpstorm, intellj idea and so on.

On startup, the menu appears but in a while it disappears.

Recently updated all ides.

Jetbrains roadmap xD

Maybe you want to try this way   
Help -> Find Action ->Reset(write) -> Restore Default Settings

The same issue on Ubuntu with the versions 2022.3.3 and 2023.1 - the main menu just dissapeared by pressing incidently an uknown combination of keymap/clicks, and I'm not able to restore it. Nothing helps. 'Restore defailt settings' doesn't actually restore it. There is no such setting in the appearance 'View | Appearance: Main Menu' (in the old UI at least). The only thing I could apply is specifying a keymap to show the menu, which is not convinient.

How the menu can be restored in the recent versions?


I am installing a new system and have the same problem with PHPStorm 2022.3 under Ubuntu 22.04 / gnome-flashback:

The main menu is no longer visible. It can be switched on with the above trick, but it appears in the panel and not permanently within the app. Every time a dialogue window is opened, it closes again.

If I start the normal Ubuntu, however, everything is OK again and the menu appears in the usual place.

The cause under gnome-flashback is the "Indicator Applet", which contains the application menus. If this is removed from the active applets of the panel, everything runs as usual again.


thanks @A Github,

I installed ClassicMenu-Indikator and it worked. But the strange thing was that ony DataGrip had this issue :D



I could see after try this option:-


I'm not using CLion but had the same problem with IDEA on Linux - what helped me wa to disable the “Merge main menu with window title” option  Under Settings → Appearence → UI Options.


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