Major feature issues since AppCode released (Swift)

I have two things that have been driving me crazy, but not sure if you can do anything on these:
1. the manual sorting shows the sorting for folders/files in Xcode, but I cannot reorganize it in AppCode. I have to back to Xcode since we are using both on this team.

2. I love the intellij debugging, but it doesn't support the view debugger tool. In a perfect world, I could just switch to Xcode and use the view debugger, but for now I just stop and re-run the app in Xcode.

3. some of the swift intelliSense just doesn't seem to work at times, as well as inspections on valid/invalid references before I compile. If it would help, I could keep a list of these, but where do I send the details?


As Xcode getting better ever year, I don't think people are willing to pay 100 dollars each year to use a IDE that fails a IDE supposed to be good at like syntax parsing syntax.In my project I use three languages C++, Obj-C, and Swift, in Xcode 9 it works just fine no matter what language I'm using, In AppCode, I have all kinds of problems. well good luck with AppCode, and I'm gonna switch back to Xcode.


Xcode does not remotely do everything app code does, and I can't say 9 is any better than 8. The performance they said we would get I'm for sure not seeing at all. That's why I want to use app code. Even Xcode rename is like 10x slower than AppCode

But then again App Code has quirky issues.


well if that is the case have fun with AppCode then


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