Call interface params HotKey

Is there some hotKey to call typescript interface params hint like this

I've just looked for, but no result. Command + P shows common params, not in detail. 

Any idea or the name of hotKey ?


Sorry, haven't got what details you are looking for. `Cmd+P` shows parameters names and types - just like in screenshot provided by you...


Yes... Cmd+P` shows parameters names and types

But, for instance I have in the second param object: MyInterface

export interface MyInterface{

 foo: string, 

 bar?: string 


 whenever I start type second param, cmd+P will show me only object: MyInterface
but in order to know MyInterface params I have to look the interface 

But if I start to type something like "fo" IDE will show me the list with interface params.

How can I call this list before typing?



Just hit Ctrl+Space inside the parentheses:


Exactly!!!! But I do not why. In my Mac OS it does not work. Could you please tell me name of the hotKey in WebStorm preference to I will be able set my own hotKey?


It's Main menu | Code | Completion | Basic in Preferences | Keymap...


Yep. And finally =) which one exactly of this ?


None. It's not from Editor Actions, it's It's Main menu | Code | Completion | Basic



Ah my goodness. Thank you very much Elena. Кланяюсь в ноги ))


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