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I'm running IntelliJ IDEA v2017.2.5 and I'm trying to use it for Scala development.

I've installed the Scala plugin as follows.



And then tried to create a Scala project as follows.

For some reason I did not have an option to create a Scala / Scala project as I've seen in the online guides, so I created an SBT project.

When I tried running my test project, it asked me to create a Run/Debug Configuration.

Which of these should I choose, and what do I need to configure?





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The "Scala" project type is now the "IDEA" project type, since it uses only the IDEA project model. Usually it's now recommended to create an sbt project, so that is also a good choice.

If you created a main object, IDEA can create a run config for you by clicking the green triangle in the gutter next to the main method:

Please also see the section in our help:


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