Hi there,

You may use "@see \Some\Class::method()" kind of syntax to link to some class/method/field/property .. but not files.


P.S. Similar kind of request, I guess: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-37880


Thanks for answering quick. Unlucky i wish to link a PHP template file from a PHP config file. No classes are involved :-( It contains plain PHP spaghetti code.


I may suggest "Navigate From Literal" plugin then (hopefully it still work -- stopped using it like 6 or so months ago).

It can navigate to a file based on a file name from any string (not ideal as it does not really take a path into an account .. but more or less OK if you do not have many files with the same name but in different folders)


Thanks Andriy. I forgot to mention. I already tried that plugin but it didn't worked.



Is there any progress with this feature?


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