Debugger does not stop at breakpoints in RubyMine

Using RubyMine 2017.2.4 (latest stable) and rails 4.2.5, my project does not stop at breakpoints. Tried deleting .idea folder and regenerating, but nothing is working. 


Please attach idea.log (Help | Show Log in). Is the problem depends on where you put breakpoint? or it happens in several different places? Could you please provide an example where you put the breakpoint, it would be useful also to have project sample, if it's possible.


I can give an example of an error in the log file, not sure if you really want the whole text here as it is 5500 lines.

Here are some breakpoint examples, I've basically tried them everywhere.



2017-10-24 14:06:28,256 [2955273] INFO - - Executing [C:\RailsInstaller\Ruby2.2.0\bin\ruby.exe -e $stdout.sync=true;$stderr.sync=true;load($0=ARGV.shift) C:/RailsInstaller/Ruby2.2.0/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/ruby-debug-ide-0.6.1.beta4/bin/rdebug-ide --disable-int-handler --evaluation-timeout 10 --rubymine-protocol-extensions --port 61938 --host --dispatcher-port 61939 -- "C:/Program Files/JetBrains/RubyMine 2017.2.2/rb/testing/runner/irb.rb" --prompt simple], working dir =[C:\Users\wozniakbe\Documents\school\career-fair\CareerFairNavigator]
2017-10-24 14:06:32,363 [2959380] WARN - debugcommons.RubyDebuggerProxy - Unexpected fail. Debuggee: RubyDebugTarget@220115727[baseDir: null, debuggedFile: C:\Program Files\JetBrains\RubyMine 2017.2.2\rb\testing\runner\irb.rb, port: 61938], output:

2017-10-24 14:06:34,365 [2961382] WARN - debugger.impl.RubyDebugProcess - Couldn't stop during timeout



Thank you very much and sorry for delay! As far as I see you are running IRB console in Debug mode? Could you please detail your use case(steps to reproduce, or screencast), are you expecting that RM debugger should stop in console? Have you tried to run in debug mode Run/Debug Configuration? Please attach all idea.log.

By the way, could you please try to debug with the latest versions of Ruby debugger(ruby-debug-ide 0.6.1.beta9, debase 0.2.2.beta11). Just to exclude the reason of old debug gems?



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