Blank configuration window



I am trying to install pycharm on linux and after running '', I get a blank screen. No text appears, but when i hover over the window i see a change in the cursor as though links exist in the window. I can click into those links to bring up a subsequent window which are also blank. I have attached an image of how it looks like.


Please contact with your idea.log (Help| Show log), thank you.


I see exact same issue after installing pycharm in CentOS 7. 

Anyone know how to resolve?


Was this issues ever resolved?  I'm having the exact same issue in CentOS 7 too.


I found a work round: Wingware's free python IDE works great in centOS.
Not as many features as pyCharm though.
It was also easy to install. It is obvious JetBrains have no solution for this problem so I found another IDE.


If using a Remote Desktop Connection - go to the Display tab and reset the color depth from Highest Quality (32 bit) to True Color (24bit) - Thanks Tim


For me, this issue was an XRDP issue, fixed in CentOS 7.6 by editing /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini and changing to max_bpp=24.


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