How to ignore all files except C/C++ files?


My project is too large, and I only care about the C/C++ part. How to make CLion only recognize C/C++ files?


I have seen this page: . But can I do the opposite, only recognize specified types?


Hi! Currently it's possible to choose only those files and folders which you want to be ignored by CLion, not the opposite.

I would like to note that you can exclude directories from the Project Tool Window: right-click a directory and select Mark Directory As > Excluded. Also in our tracker we have the issue about adding to Project Tool Window a button to hide irrelevant sources. Please feel free to comment and upvote if you find this feature useful. And do not hesitate to create an issue about any desired feature on your own!

Did I answer your question?



I have marked some directories as excluded. But lots of irrelevant files are scattered in different directories, it is difficult to mark them all. I still want to have a way to make CLion only recognize C/C++ files.


I've created the feature request about this functionality in our tracker. Please feel free to comment and upvote.


Thank you for your help


Dear Jiang, just to avoid misunderstanding I kindly ask you to clarify one detail:

Do we understand correctly that you need an ability to show only necessary files (in your case - C/C++ files) in the Project Tool Window and to hide all the rest so that the files are easier to work with?

Thank you very much in advance!


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