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It took a while to make a good title for this post and I still am not sure it covers everything so I'll explain. (Using PHPStorm 2017.2.1 on Xubuntu 17.04.)

With multiple monitors I was trying to have the main IDE window on one monitor and all database windows (1: the database tool window with database connections, 2: the editor tab for SQL statements, 3: the editor tab for a single table / query results, and 4: the database console with its Output and Results tabs) on the other monitor.

I can drag the editor tab outisde the main IDE and I can use the float or window mode on the tool window and console, but that results in extra windows, including extra task bar icons.

So I was trying to make them dock into a single window. And that is not possible.

I have read several topics on having multiple IDEs looking at a single project, which apparently is not possible and also quite difficult to implement.

Maybe it's easier to look at it as a new window that accepts docks so I get a second but single window with editor tabs and a database tool window and a database console window?



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Hi, thank you for your suggestion.
I agree that the way of organizing tabs and tool windows is pretty far from perfect, and hope we'll change this someday.
Meanwhile, please vote for the feature request:


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