AppCode hangs a lot when writing C++ template code


I'm working on a heavily template based C++ library. It's much smaller than, for example, Boost, but still, AppCode often just hangs forever in the middle of the coding process, using 200% CPU. It seems to struggle the most with a lot of template function overloads. Looks like, I have to look for other IDE, because it's impossible to put up with such poor performance.

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What AppCode version are you using? Have you tried increasing -Xmx limit (via Help | Edit Custom VM Options) to, say, 4000m (or bigger value)? That may help in certain cases. You can also enable 'Show memory indicator' via Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance to watch memory usage while writing template code.

In case increasing memory doesn't have effect, please collect thread dumps while IDE is hanging, zip contents of Logs folder (Help | Collect and Show Logs in Finder) and send us that either by creating issue in our tracker or by submitting a support request to

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