Multiple Virtual Environments

I have a monolith repo with multiple micro-services each with their own virtual environment.

How can I set it up to have Pycharm bounce between using multiple virtual environments?

I have tried setting to a folder with links to the current venv that I want to use, but pycharm seems to get confused and continues using the last one.  I have tried invalidating caches to fix this but still not luck.

If it helps, each microservice is its own python package and has the venv inside that directory structure.



Wow, that's a bugger.  The simplest thing I can think of is to actually open one Pycharm instance per microservice subfolder, that should keep it in line with the Pycharm expectation that one project has one virtualenv.  


Any better solution?


Have you considered configuring all those virtualenvs as Project Interpreter in PyCharm and then just switch between them when needed?


Sergey Karpov It's not really a feasible solution. I constantly switch between at least two (sometimes more) microservices.


Stefanos Papanikolopoulos

There is a ticket about the correct venv activation in the terminal

Unfortunately, I haven't found the ticket that would describe exactly what you are looking for, so feel free to create one.


Did a ticket get created?


I'm finding this would be a great feature for a use case where you have a single project with a number of AWS Lambda functions you are using for a particular project.  Since the size of the source is important, it's good to be able to have a Pipfile for each function that only has the dependencies for this function.  There's a 3 MB limit for a zipped file of code + libraries if you want to use the online lambda editor for development or troubleshooting, so I end up pulling any unnecessary libraries out of each package before uploading.


There is also this issue:

Considering `.python-version` files would do the trick.


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