Unable to run scala test in intellIJ


I cannot make head and tail of what I am supposed to do here. I get this error when trying to run some test in intelliJ. Nothing comes up in intelliJ forums for this issue. Please help.


Error:scalac: missing or invalid dependency detected while loading 
class file 'CmdLineParser.class'.
Could not access term parsing in package scala.util,
because it (or its dependencies) are missing. Check your build 
definition for
missing or conflicting dependencies. (Re-run with `-Ylog-classpath` 
to see the problematic classpath.)
A full rebuild may help if 'CmdLineParser.class' was compiled against 
an incompatible version of scala.util.
(NOTE: It looks like the scala-parser-combinators module is missing; 
try adding a dependency on "org.scala-lang.modules" : "scala-parser-combinators".
   See http://docs.scala-lang.org/overviews/ for more information.)
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Please share a sample project to reproduce the problem.


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