Are there any Live Template packs or code snippet plugins for PhpStorm for WordPress development?

I'm looking for Live Template packs or code snippet plugins for PhpStorm, for Php and WordPress development, which will provide similar functionality as following Php and WordPress code snippet packages for Sublime Text:

  1. Sublime Text 3 Snippets.
  2. WordPress.
  3. WordPress Completions.
  4. WordPress Snippets.

I'm trying to setup PhpStorm for WordPress development.

So far I managed to:

  1. Enable PHP Code Sniffer with WordPress Coding Standards.
  2. Enable WordPress Command Line Tool WP-CLI Integration.
  3. Set WordPress Code Style.
  4. Enable WordPress Integration and include WordPress paths to enable auto-completion.

But there's one thing that PhpStorm is currently lacking compared to Sublime Text - WordPress specific code snippets, such as Wordpress' The Loop, for example: 

Maybe someone converted mentioned above packages for Sublime Text to Live Templates for PhpStorm?

I understand that I can create Live Templates and maybe convert Sublime Text packages to Live Templates by myself, but I bet someone already have done it when said someone was transitioning from Sublime Text to PhpStorm.

PS Please share anything else you could suggest to improve integration of PhpStorm and WordPress to improve productivity and just make life easier while developing themes and plugins for WordPress in PhpStorm.

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Hi there,

A simple Google search for "phpstorm wordpress live templates" returned these results in top 3 positions:

Hopefully you will find them useful (if not particular one .. then you can compile your own taking the most suitable for you out of all of them).

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Sure, that's exactly what I did and compiled all of them into one file.

But I was talking about more professional all-in-one solutions, like those Sublime Text 3 Snippets and WordPress Snippets packages. It looks like there are none for PhpStorm, right? Too bad, then. I guess if I'll be eager enough, I will just might transfer Sublime Text snippets to PhpStorm Live Templates myself in the future.


If anyone is interested, here are 3 mentioned above code snippet packs compiled into one:


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