Where has the scope "Whole project" in Find in path... gone?


With the recent changes to the "Find in path..." dialog, I really didn't like the new version, so I went into "Help -> Edit custom VM options..." and added the line..


...to get the "old" version back.

However, I have recently noticed now the selection "Whole project" under Scope has now been changed to All projects? Huh? How is this helpful? Why would one want to search all projects over just the current one they are working in?

How can I just search the current project files?

Thank You!

Vladimir Luchansky
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"All projects" here means the current project you work with or all currently opened projects if you work with several projects at once.

PhpStorm won't search over all projects at your workstation.

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Alright cool, thanks. The terminology was a little confusing.


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