Database - Test connection work but connection fails


I configured a connection to a remote db via ssh
I worked for a while but now it stopped working
Test connection still works but why I try to execute queries I get this error:

Connection to <db_name> failed.
[08001] Connection to localhost:43116 refused. Check that the hostname and port are correct and that the postmaster is accepting TCP/IP connections.

what is localhost:43116 ? and how is it that test connection works but the real connection doesn't?


It seems that restarting the IDE fixed the problem, but I would like to know why this happened 


i had a similar experience today. I noticed that if the internet connection goes out, then datagrip might have this odd error appear when the connection comes back. Restarting datagrip does solve the problem, but it would be nice if the application just auto recovered from the failure instead of making me shut down the app


Are there any updates on this issue?

It happens to me all the time!


There is an issue DBE-5294 you can track and vote for.


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