Appcode Excessive CPU and Memory Usage


Appcode, in comparison to RubyMine or Intellij/Android Studio, performs badly, period. I still love the features and writing code in it, but the performance is such I literally cannot run this.


On a 2014 MBP 15 with 16GB RAM, it will drag my system to a crawl. On start after processing, the CPU will settle with RAM usage sitting about at 1GB. However after say 30 minutes of editing only, no running the app in AppCode, it spikes.

I just killed it this morning as it was non-stop using 30% CPU in the activity monitor. However, it was slowing the system down such I could barely move a window... as in 1 frame every 4 seconds, literally. Also RAM consumption was 1.6GB, but I've seen it as high as 2+GB.

It's feels like both a memory leak and a processing spin cycle causing something to churn.


I REALLY want to use app code with Xcode because Xcode editing makes my fingers hurt lol. But for now, I have to kill it. I cannot use the product in this state.


I have my jvm at 4GB and it runs a bit better. I have noticed with recent EAPs that the build time has slowed down quite a bit compared with Xcode. Like back-to-back runs will often eat the cpu and even randomly start failing to build after the previous one had just passed. Then I seem to get stuck with a broken build that cleaning sometimes doesn't seem to help. I'm not sure if it's superstition but I think I've fixed that by cleaning and rebuilding with *Xcode*, then AppCode will start successfully building again.

Seriously, Xcode hurts my soul in almost every way (except for IB and build settings, it's actually pretty good at those things).

"Help me Obi wan're my only hope."


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