package confusion with Intellij 2017.2.6


Not totally sure if this is the right forum for this question, but since I'm attempting to add a module to the intellij-community source it probably fits.

Anyways, so I have the project opened already. The attached pictures show the some of steps I go through to do this. 

The trouble comes when I attempt to create a new module.

Say I create a new module called "foo" (I go to structure view, right click on an existing module group > click add > > "new module"). This seems to get done correctly, and it creates the expected module in the project pane with a source root folder (in blue) called "src":

Then I right click the src folder and select "Java package". I then type "" and press enter. Once I do I get this:


That is, it collapses my packages into the src folder! I expected to see the blue "src" folder, then "" under it. This goes on when I create a new file as well: 

It treats the module and src directory as if they are packages! what's going on here? I tried this in a default empty project and it didn't do this.. I haven't tried messing with .iml files and would prefer not to (as these are for the IDE, as I understand it). So is there some intricacy to creating new modules in the context of the large "intellj-community" project that I'm missing here?

I can attach more details/pictures of the entire process I used as needed. Am I going crazy here?



Please show the project structure dialog, it looks like the source root is set for the directory above src.


is this what you needed?


Check you did not set the package prefix by clicking on the P icon on the right of the src folder.


There is no package prefix set. 


It looks like some module specifies a directory above foo as the source root.


Right. I'm not sure though how I tell it not to do that :)


I just don't get it. It says my content root is "foo", and I've marked "src" as a source root. It's as if it's just treating "intellij-community" as my source root, even though I've set it to something else. 

Could it just be that the  source root setting capability is unimplemented? If so, I don't see how anybody could even edit code in the community edition sources. Indeed, if I go into another package (say, python) and add a new java file into com.jetbrains, it correctly sets the package to "package com.jetbrains" in the created file. But whenever I were to try something similar, it would do: take "" ... really puzzling.


O.k., I might've gotten it working? I'll update this once I figure out how I did it :)


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