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I know I can do that in Android Studio (built on IntelliJ). I can choose to create run configuration that targets a specific package. Is there a way to do so in AppCode (by choosing a specific folder)?

Currently, I have to choose the test classes and run them which is daunting. As more and more tests are added, this becomes really hard to do.

Note: Xcode schemes already support this down to the level of methods. If Xcode can, I think AppCode can too.

Edit: I have just found out that I can do that in Xcode itself. My current workflow involves opening Xcode as needed (for storyboarding for example), so I don't mind creating the schemes there. But it would be easier to do so within AppCode.

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Hi Abdalrahman,

You should be able to achieve that via Edit Configurations:

Just create new test configuration (e.g. XCTest/Kiwi or whichever is suitable):

And specify a target which test files belong to (e.g. iOS test target).


If that's not what you were looking for, please take a look at OC-8335 - you might find that request relevant.

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