Failed to import sbt project after OS fresh install

I'm trying to import a project. I've been using Ubuntu, and I've newly installed RHEL 7 just to try it out.

I've installed Intellij, imported the project, and it gives me this error at the sbt shell:



[info] Set current project to root (in build file:/home/haemin/IdeaProjects/my-project/)
<set>:1: error: overloaded method value in with alternatives:
  (scope: sbt.Scope)sbt.SettingKey[String] <and>
  (c: sbt.ConfigKey)sbt.SettingKey[String] <and>
  (t: sbt.Scoped)sbt.SettingKey[String] <and>
  (p: sbt.Reference)sbt.SettingKey[String]
 cannot be applied to (Global.type) in Global := "download resolveClassifiers"
[IJ]sbt:root> [error] Type error in expression


Running plain sbt on the same directory gives me no problem.

Invalidating caches does not help. The project was working well on Ubuntu, on Intellij 2017.02.


Thanks in advance for all help.

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Hello, can you please create an issue at and attach the project definition (build.sbt + project directory) or the whole project. Thank you!



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