phpstorm open directwrite font rendering api in windows 7


    how can i enable the directwrite font rendering api  of windows 7 for phpstorm?  because the same size of consolas font in the phpstorm editor is thin than in notepad++ or other editor, chrome use directwrite font rendering api , so the fonts looks Smooth 

                                                                                                                          best wishes!


why font rending is not the same? the editor font is thin than  consle fonts? 




DirectWrite support depends on Java and there's a lot of issues with that.

There's an existing request - please vote for it with thumb up button and leave a comment to let the developers know that you need that feature.

You can try enabling the experimental DirectWrite support by following these steps:

* Open Help > Custom VM Options
* Append there -Ddirectwrite.font.rendering=true line
* Save file and restart PhpStorm


thank you very much!!!

i try it and the effect is very good ! just i want , thks



 i append it to the config file , but it no effect.  after i add the -Ddirectwrite.font.rendering=true nothing was happen,

pls help me to check whether there is other method to check the problem.

my os is windows 7, phpstorm is 2017.2


If it made no difference, most probably it means that the issue is not caused by not using DirectWrite.

Could you please clarify how exactly font rendering is different? To me, it looks exactly the same


when i  append -Ddirectwrite.font.rendering=true and   -Ddirectwrite.font.rendering=false  there was nothing happen, so i can not sure the different of font rendering 

 could you pls help me to check if the directwrite is enabled?   



Please check that C:\Windows\System32 (or corresponding folder on your system) contains Dwrite.dll file.

Also please attach a screenshot that would illustrate the issue.


dwrite.dll is exist in the path C:\Windows\System32



it seems the directwrite is not support?


Looks like it is not supported indeed. That option was just a suggested experimental support from - issue is still open which means there is no official support.

Please follow the link and vote for that issue with thumb up button in order to receive notifications about further status updates.


hello Vladimir Luchansky

    how to delete the file uploaded to ?  i use anonymous account login to the ftp server, but can not list the files and delelte the file.

what can i do ?



You can't delete it on your own, but we can do that for you - just tell us the filename.


i can not sure the full filename, but it contains "NDRANDY"  and my phpstorm version is 2017.2


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