Debugging errors everywhere

 Every single piece of code I hover on when debugging has an error. If it is a function or variable it says it isn't defined (even though it is). Some other errors it creates are unexpected token errors, reference errors, all sorts. This is exclusive to debugging. It's very irritating as it pops up every time on every single piece of code. It takes up space on the screen and means I don't necessarily realize when there is an actual error in my code. What is going on? Have I missed something from the config? It has always done this even after reinstalling on a new machine. I'm also using the LiveEdit plugin if that means anything.

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Described behavior is very strange. When not debugging, everything is fine?

Are functions and variables defined within some external libraries? Are they available during debugging as well?

Check the log file - Help > Show Log in ... > idea.log - are there any errors?


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